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The current watch market is oversaturated with countless Smartwatches which offer great resistance towards any obstacle that may occur when performing sports of all kind, but lack the aesthetics to properly individualize the wearer and add the additional wow factor to their outfit. Shock resistant vintage watches combine the best of both worlds in a premium product which lets you stand out on the golf course or whatever sport you like to wear a resilient as well as fashionable accessory.

While golfing a force of around a hundred G-forces can occur at the moment of the golf swing, which accounts to around double the force that acts on the driver during a car-crash. Those immense forces can affect the highly sensitive movement and therefore daily time deviations of around 20 seconds are likely to happen and in more severe cases can even break components that have to be replaced, which oftentimes isn’t inexpensive or not even possible.

The key for protecting your watches fragile interior is the Incabloc shock protection system. The aforementioned is a spring-loaded mounting system for the jewel bearings that supports the balance wheel in a mechanical watch with the goal of protecting the wheel’s delicate pivots from damage which would occur in the events of physical shocks.

After careful and extensive testing on the golf course, we present our ten picks for your next golf session.

Prisma Blue Fumée

This work of art catches your eye with its one of a kind fumé-blue dial for which its manufacturer Prisma is known for. The case, bezel as well as strap were built in 1965 out of stainless steel while mineral glass was used to protect its pencil hands and manual winding movement.

Prisma Blue Fumée Golf Collection Zrhbrg September 2022


Royce Turbine

A seemingly simple yet masterfully crafted wristwatch by Royce is next on our list. Stainless steel paired with 18 carat gold plates and acrylic glass was used in 1952 to highlight the pearl white dial with stick hands and encase its manual winding movement. This combination is completed with a brown leather strap and its interior consists of a manual winding movement.


Solida Neotal

The desert gold dial and lancette hands protected by mineral glass of this in the 1950s constructed Solida are rimmed by a stainless steel case and bezel that are platted with 18 carat gold. Inside, a manual winding movement powers the clock while a black leather strap rims your wrist.


Gruen Genève Calatrava

The green leather strap in connection with the white dial and golden dauphine hands really sets this artwork from the 1950s apart from every other wristwatch worn on the golf course. Those fine details are encased by a stainless steel case that houses a stainless bezel and mineral glass. It houses a manual winding movement.


Favre Leuba Golden Classic

This masterful combination of a golden dial decorated with golden pencil hands which are embedded in a stainless steel case that is plated with 18 carat gold and paired with a bezel that consists of the same material is completed with protecting mineral glass and runs with a manual winding movement. A black leather strap encircles the wearers wrist.


Zenith Iced-Out

This wristwatch from 1968 is as youthful and fresh as the student movement that took place in said year as its case and bezel was set with diamonds by hand. The basis of the previously mentioned consists of stainless steel and platting comprising of 18 carat gold while the pearl-white dial with golden stick hands is shielded by acrylic glass. A manual winding movement is housed in the diamond studded case while a brown leather strap completes the look.


Certina Golden Armour

This 1955 wristwatch stands out with its stainless steel case and bezel ornated with 10 carat rosé-gold while the dial features an eye catching sliver, golden dauphine hands as well as a field for the date display. Mineral glass prevents damage to the aforementioned and a black leather strap attaches the watch that runs on an automatic movement to the wrist.


Cornavin Datocor

Another timeless piece from the year 1955 is this wristwatch whose case and bezel were manufactured per hand out of stainless steel. Those encase a fluted white dial, on which golden dauphine hands and a date function find place that are protected by acrylic glass. Inside, a manual winding movement is integrated. The look is completed by a dark brown leather strap.


Tourist Oyster

A gold platted case and bezel manufactured out of stainless steel really lets the white dial with golden dauphine hands under the mineral glass stand out and catches your eye in combination with the black fabric strap. A manual winding movement is enclosed in the before mentioned case.


 Favre-Leuba Chocolat

This almost prunkless looking watch is recognizable through its simple brown dial, which realy lets the golden finishes and obélisque hands grab the attention of the viewer. The simple dial is paired with a leather strap of the same color. A stainless steel case and bezel with acrylic glass protect the mechanical movements.

Favre Leuba Genève Golfkollektion Zrhbrg 2022

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